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Is feminism about equality or superiority?

Is feminism about equality or superiority?

as it stands in 2016 feminism is not about equality it’s all about superiority. One could argue that feminism is in its infant stages and will get some much needed upgrades in the future however as it stands now feminism is all about entitlements, and making middle class nice guys pay for the wrongs of the bad boys. If feminism was about equality they women would look out for men’s rights just as much as they did women’s rights.

If you’re a nice guy wussy that will marry or date any woman that’s willing to sleep with you, you’re their (feminist) main target. If you’re a man with fetishes learn from the¬†Jian Ghomeshi trial and understand that there are women that will make consensual sex look like and sound like rape. If you’re a man that wants to settle down and have kids, understand that there are women that want to have babies for child support and government assistance without¬†hassles of a relationship.

These women will purposely flirt with you, start a relationship with you and once they get what they want leave or divorce you taking the kids and leaving you with an 18 year bill, that the government will enforce regardless if they’re a good mother or not. If you’re a nice guy you better be on the lookout for these women whether you’re in Western Europe, Canada, the U.S or the Oceanic regions of the world. It’s here and the guys these women are targeting is… You guessed it nice, pushover men that will be good providers and also be easily manipulated.

How do you know if a woman is a feminist?

As a nice it’s your duty to get to know her, ask her questions about child support, ask her questions about marriage, ask her questions about getting a prenup, ask her questions about how she plans to contribute to a relationship, get to know her best you can. If you’re a nice guy that respects all you’ve worked for you’re not going to settle for just anyone.

Yes, I get it some women are super hot, they make your heart race and you don’t think properly when you’re around them. I get all of that but the good news is if you RAISE YOUR BAR meaning you only go after the women you find attractive, you’ll eventually learn that majority of them like to take things slow. If you’re really a nice guy this actually plays into favor, because for one it doesn’t tie you down and two it gives you the chance to see her for who she truly is and not this super hottie that you want to marry tomorrow.

I can feel many of you reading this already beginning to fall asleep so I’ll stop here but be warned truly nice guys take the time to get to know women. Feminist main target in 2016 are nice guys who are push overs and truth be told that most of the feminists are not 9’s and 10’s most of them 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s and 7’s. Usually the 7’s you can see coming. Those insecure women you think you can manipulate… Those are the feminists that will make your life a living hell so beware, one mistake and your entire existence could change.

Nice guys finish first because they take the time to get to know any women they encounter. Don’t randomly sleep with the first woman you meet. Take the time to get to know her first. You may want to consider reading other posts on this blog to fully grasp how nice guys finish first.