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Should Straight Men Date Online When they’re 30 years old and up?

Should You Date Online When You’re 30 and up?

Let’s be honest most men are willing to settle… Because most men are willing to settle that’s the reason we have the world we have today. Most men will mate with anything and that’s fine but let’s say you’re not willing to settle for anything less than the best should you settle too?

Nice guys like I’ve said over and over again don’t settle, we’d rather be alone than settle with someone we know won’t make us happy. Once you turn 30 my personal recommendation is to find a way to go out there and be social, one of the reasons it takes me so long to update this blog is because I’m all over the place meeting new people and going to new places.

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I’m obviously over 30’s and the thing I’ve learned is if I stay online and meet women I’ll never meet the woman that meets my expectations, reason being is because most women are skeptical and being that I’m over 29 they’re even more skeptical wondering what in the world am i doing online trying to meet women, they think I’m creepy and they make judgements without even getting to know me regardless of how many profile pictures I put up or long profiles I write I still get stuck with women online that don’t meet my expectations.

A little about me that you should know I’d rather die alone than marry an unattractive woman. I’m not that type of man that will confuse one night stand or a fling with someone I’d marry as a matter a fact the older I get the more disgusted I get by the thought of a woman I feel unworthy of me touching me in anyway. I know some guys are male sluts; but I don’t write for those men. I write for the guys looking for true love, the type of love where age is nothing but a number. That type of love is worthy of a search and sometimes you have to willing to leave your comfort zone to find that type of love.

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I’m a huge fan of international dating and the Foreign dating service for men. I’m not saying it’s the only service but it’s a great option f you’re looking for a relation with beautiful women who are looking for something serious. Otherwise in my opinion it would be best to meet women in social settings as opposed to online dating. when you’re younger typically you have a lot of things in common with other young people but as you get older things change and local young people often want to carve out their own path which often conflicts with your living standards.

What’s great about the Foreign dating service is the fact that most of these women are groomed to be great wives. In today’s society women are trained to be independent, they’re often trained to act like men which is fine if you’re looking for that type of woman. But not every man wants that type of woman and I’m writing to tell that you don’t have to settle.

Once you turn 30 it means you’re a man, when you’re in your 20’s an argument can be made that you’re still a kid, things change once you turn 30 which is why you have to start looking out for your best interests. A lot of men 30 and above spend a lot of time and money on strippers, escorts etc. To me wasting money on these types of women is bad for mind, body and soul. It brings about depression and insecurity. If you feel like you’re only option to finding someone to love you is in the strip clubs I highly recommend that you check out this Foreign dating service. My advice don’t just email and chat with the women go and visit them.

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