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3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!

3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!

3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!

3 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Looking For YOU!

So, you’re the average single or divorced American guy. You’ve had your life and financial situation redefined, you lived through thee emotional Armageddon of a break-up and you’re looking down the road ahead. You know you don’t want to be alone as you go forward, but as you look around at your local dating options, there’s not much happening. Do you realize this is the exact position millions of men like you will find themselves in every year? Sadly, dating limbo is a place many men will find it hard to get out of once they enter in. So, once you’re stuck in the dating doldrums, how to you get yourself unstuck? How do you find your next great life-partner? Good news! She’s already looking for you!

Have you considered expanding your search for someone beyond your own backyard? The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, thanks to a lot of user-friendly technology. International dating sites, which specialize in introducing American men to foreign ladies from around the world, host profiles of thousands of lovely, educated, marriage-minded women of all ages. China, The Ukraine, The Philippines and Colombia are just some of the more popular places to find and meet such ladies – usually in very high numbers. Wondering why thousands of international ladies might be looking for a man outside their own culture and surroundings? Here are:

3 Reason Why Foreign Women Are Looking For You Right Now

1. You are available. You see, in some countries like Ukraine, there’s a shortage of eligible men; actually – of all men. Women in Ukraine outnumber men by about 5 million, according to recent government sponsored sources. Yes, that includes all women of all ages – but think about it. If the numbers are real – and they are – then, if every man of all ages in Ukraine got married and stayed married, there would still be 5 million unmarried females. To make matters worse for Ukrainian girls – beauty is no commodity to any girl there at all. The women of Ukraine are, indeed, lovely thanks to a great set of genes and a lifetime of healthy eating and exercise. So what happens in a country where there are millions of beautiful “surplus” women with no life-mate? As one Ukrainian girl from the port city of Nikolayev once said, “Even the nice guys have a hard time staying faithful here.” Divorce in Ukraine is more common and much faster than many other countries due to infidelity and bad habits of Ukrainian men. By their mid-twenties, many Ukrainian girls have lost all faith in their local men as life-mates. This is where you come in.

2. You are reliable. You’re reliable, that is, if the words ‘responsible,” “employed,” “monogamous,” “considerate,” “compassionate,” “predictable,” and “stable” describe you. There is a very real and sizable opportunity for you to find an exceptional foreign woman to spend your life with. There are many qualities about you a foreign girl will find attractive but none so much as your reliability. If you think about it, when you succeed in finding and falling in love an international lady, the end result of that courtship is going to be a complete redefinition of her life, and possibly her child’s life, in order to come home and live with you. Despite the common misconception of so called mail-order-brides as poor and desperate women living in mud huts waiting for any Neanderthal to come and save them, the relocation period just before marriage is often tenuous and challenging as couples adjust to life together. It’s also a time of great love and romance as long as you’re ready to provide for someone new in your life. Most men who come to the international dating realm are quite responsible and ready. They want to be more than husbands, they want to be heroes. Foreign brides want heroes.

3. You’re positive. The truth is, what’s wrong with men in many countries is not all their fault. In Ukraine and The Philippines, for example, men find it difficult to make a reliable income and provide consistently for their families over time. There are not as many opportunities and few government bodies who can effectively deal with corruption which seeps into every level of society. Not only are earnings low, but paying bribes for routine things like timely healthcare, home repairs, and access to schools for children will eat up savings quickly. Foreign men will pick up bad habits like drinking as a way of escaping understandable frustration with daily struggles they have little control over. American life is more predictable, thank goodness, and our attitudes as productive men often reflect that. Foreign girls will often feel sorry for their men, and for their people in general, but will choose to marry American in order to escape frustration and hopelessness.

This is extremely good news to an increasing number of American men who see no reason anyone among them should not be able to meet, fall in love with and marry an international girl. Internet-based international dating and marriage agencies offer men a chance to let technology show them the way to HER, as every week thousands more foreign girls fill out applications to go online and find love. You may be struggling to solicit interest from someone at the local bar, but you just might be what lovely foreign lady has in mind.

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