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Do girls like bad boys or nice guys?

Do girls like bad boys or nice guys?

The answer to that question may actually surprise you if you expect the answer to be that women prefer bad boys. The truth of the matter is women prefer MEN It really is that simple. If you’re a wussy bad boy the woman will choose the manly-er bad boy if you’re a wussy nice guy the woman will more than likely choose the manly-er nice guy it’s really that simple.

Also one must factor in that all women are different and there are times when women just feel like playing around because they can which is why it’s important as a MAN to practice consistency in your character. As a man you should know yourself first, you should know your strengths have an idea about your weaknesses and generally not care what people think of you.

Of-course this blog is biased towards nice guys so if you’re nice guy be a nice guy take it to your grave. As a nice guy it’s important not to care what women think of you, the reality is you only need to strike oil once meaning you only have to find that special lady once. Now allow me to elaborate on what that means – that doesn’t mean that you should stay in your house and be antisocial and live a boring existence, as a nice guy you need to be out there and being a shining example of what good people are all about.

The hardest part about being a nice guy is getting people to believe that you’re really this nice and the only way you can do this by getting out there and meeting people and getting comfortable being around people.

The reason why it might appear that bad boys are getting all the girls is that most bad boys especially the really bad ones they don’t give a f*ck about anything, and for the most part they make appearances, they’re everywhere spreading their negative energy and if that’s all the ladies are experiencing that’s all they’ll know.

As an example I grew up in the late eighties and in that era having a big butt wasn’t in fashion however in 2015 almost all the young women consuming popular culture want to have a “phat ass”. How did this happen? Well it happened because it was blasted all over popular media and most of the young women grew up only knowing “phat ass” as a form of idealistic beauty.

The reason why a lot of women date bad boys is because when they grew up they were surrounded by bad boys, they feel comfortable and maybe even safe with bad boys. The good news is that this is only one segment of the population and truth be told if you’re a nice guy a lot of the pretty women that you think you want that are only attracted to bad boys are women; as nice guy that you probably would want to stay away from. All women just like all men are not the same and it’s also important especially if you live in the U.S that liberated women just like liberated men have the choice to choose whatever path they want in life.

I say this to tell you not to be one of those so called “nice guys” that spends his whole life chasing a “bad girl”, yes attractive insecure women can be a turn on, because to some so called nice guys they feel like they can save this bad girl from getting hurt or hurting herself, but understand bad women all through history have been known to DESTROY even the manliest of men.

Some women will even play that insecure pretty girl card just to lure a dumb nice generous man in. Before you know it this beautiful insecure needy woman has all her bills are paid, she’s driving a nice new car, she’s collecting a nice fat child support and/or alimony check every month and she ages gracefully with a little plastic surgery here and there never working a full time job in her lifetime. —Pretend to act like I don’t know what I’m talking about—

A sucker is born everyday and when it comes to men so called nice guys are usually these suckers. With that said a lot of bad boys get caught up in that trap as well, the difference between nice guys and bad boys in that scenario is if a child is born typically the nice guy will take care of his child or children where as the bad boy will abandon his responsibilities. As a nice guy it’s important that your life remains PLEASANT WHICH MEANS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TRY TO THINK AHEAD!

Don’t try and save a woman, you’re not Jesus Christ and don’t save a women just to try and sleep with her, women especially the pretty ones aren’t stupid and trust me when I say that a lot of them think ahead. Plus it’s far better to find a woman with her life together, a woman with confidence, a woman to bring home to mom. A woman who cares enough about herself not hang around bad boys or negative people.

In math a positive times a negative equals a negative how that translates to life is if you’re a nice positive person that’s surrounded by negative people chances are your life will be negative also.

If you bump into the most beautiful woman physically you’ve ever met and you get to know her and find that you have nothing in common and also that she likes to surround herself with negativity I’m not saying to abandon her (actually I am) but make it clear to her that as the MAN you don’t want nothing to do with that negative portion of her life.

If she likes going to all the bad boy bars or bad boy nightclubs don’t become captain save a dumb broad let her go find out life the hard way and as the man continue your search and have faith that someone better will come.

In life we’re all tested we ask God for what we want but instead of patiently waiting to receive this gift from the higher power most of us will SETTLE for the first piece of nice Ass that comes our way. Don’t forget this planet has billions of people on it. If you take the time to expand your social circle you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many single beautiful ladies there are walking this beautiful plant just waiting to find a nice guy like you!