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The reason you shouldn’t settle for average women

The reason you shouldn't settle for average women

The reason you shouldn’t settle for average women

The reason you shouldn’t settle for average women

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if you’re a man reading this that has something to offer to a relationship don’t settle for mediocre. The number one reason marriages end in divorce is because most men settle, not only do they settle but they settle way to quickly.

If you meet any woman no matter how beautiful she is take time to get to know her. Life is really that simple however… The main problem is most men never take the time to get to know themselves

Men that don’t take the time to get to know themselves typically live lives of misery especially when it comes to relationships. Have you ever met a beautiful single woman complaining about how she can’t find a date? Or how she can’t find a good man? Nice guys always finish first because nice guys refuse to waste their time with problematic women.


Have you ever heard of Lola Montez? If you haven’t consider clicking the link below:
In a nutshell Lola Montez moved to three different continents and ruined the lives of about a dozen men in the process. Why was she able to do this? Because those men never took the time to get to know themselves which in turn made them ignorant to what they wanted in a woman. Lola Montez was a strong minded woman who knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. Lola Montez was at one point a courtesan which in todays world would be a high class escort, women who wish to be escorts of the upper class must take the time to understand what their male clients want, which means that Lola Montez was far more intelligent than her counterparts gave her credit for. This allowed Lola Montez the flexibility to make the lives of the men she had relationships with a LIVING HELL! – where the men always found themselves chasing and never leading.

If you’re a REAL MAN you should never put yourself in a position where you’re forced to settle for the first beautiful woman that actually likes you! When you settle for average in your mind you become weaker and the truth is your life will start to deteriorate, more than likely you’ll lose motivation, more than likely you’ll want to cheat and more than likely you find yourself miserable.

In the business investment world the recommendation is to invest in things that you love and the reason for this is because when times get tough(which they will) you’ll find a reason or purpose to keep the business alive which at the very least will give your life some purpose.

When it comes to relationships DO NOT SETTLE Honestly I don’t even recommend sleeping with women you find AVERAGE. In western society ALL women are put on some idealistic pedestal however most women are just as bad as most men. A lot of AVERAGE women will cheat especially if they know they’ll get away with it, plus a lot of AVERAGE women if given the chance will do everything they can to change “their man” and if you don’t know yourself or know what you want in life these AVERAGE women eventually change you too, plus once they do don’t be surprised when you find yourself in submissive position begging for her approval.

Starting relationships with average women is an addiction just like going after women that you find 10 out of 10 is an addiction. The difference is once you start having relationships with women you consider average you start attracting more average women into your life which in turn will inevitably start repelling the women you find to be 10 out 10.

Like attracts like and the truth is if women get the sense that you only go after what you want average women will find it difficult to even approach you and the women you find to be 10 out of 10 at the very least will respect you as a person that goes after what he wants in life.

In life the truth is only have to strike oil once and it will pay you for a lifetime. Once you’ve gone after the woman you’ve found to be a 10 out of 10 you’ll quickly LEARN AND UNDERSTAND why you should never settle. Beautiful women attract more beautiful women and the happier you are the more attractive you’ll look.

All Men want a challenge but let me make myself a bit more clear here… All men want a worthy challenge and the only way to find a worthy challenge when it comes to relationships is to first know yourself, know what you want in a woman and then search to find her. Don’t be afraid to allow your wants to evolve and don’t be afraid to be specific on the type of woman you want.

There are some men that think they’ve found the one and it then it turns out that she’s not the one as long as that MAN went into that relationship going after what he thought was the 10 out of 10 he’ll be fine when he gets into another relationship. However if that boy settled for an Average woman from the very beginning and the relationship with the Average woman doesn’t work out chances are that boy will settle for another average woman again and again and again leading to a life of misery and depression.

NEVER EVER SETTLE, GO AFTER THE WOMEN YOU FEEL IS ARE 10 OUT OF 10’s! The reality is there’s nothing embarrassing about temporary defeat when you aim high so always go after the women you’re interested in only cowards settle in relationships with women they find average.