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Do women cheat more than men do

Do women cheat more than men cheat?

Do women cheat more than men do?

Do women cheat more than men do

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From a global perspective men cheat more than women do, the reasons for this should be obvious especially when you think about all the countries where women have little or no rights. However in countries where women are supposedly treated as “equals” women and men cheat at around the same percentage.

What this should relay to the reader is that when people are treated as equals women are just as guilty of being cheaters as men are. However there is one glaring difference between how men and women cheat and that is… When men cheat it’s with multiple partners whereas when women cheat it will usually be with one or two other men. The argument often made by men in this regard however is that women are less likely to disclose the amount of men they cheated with – whereas a man will usually brag about the amount of partners he’s been with.

A Woman’s infidelity  usually is not revealed unless a child is born and a man asks for a paternity test. Where as a man will usually get caught because his actions change towards his significant other when he is cheating.

Women usually pay very close attention to how their boyfriends or husbands act towards them, call it their instincts, whatever it is women usually find out that their men are cheating quicker than men find out that their wives or girlfriends are cheating on them.

The thing readers should leave this blog understanding is that when women are treated as “equals” they cheat just as much as men do!

What this means to the men reading this is that they should in practice be just as selective when choosing a woman as women are when selecting a man.

Men – Don’t start a relationship with or marry a woman without getting to know her first. Don’t commit to her just because she’s pretty, has big boobs, has a nice butt or curves… hold on sec… what what was my point again???  Gimme a second….. Oh yea…

Get to know her first, if you have any balls test her make sure that she’s into the real you, and if you decide to marry her or start a relationship GET A PRENUP  If she refuses move on and find someone else, it will be a hard decision to make at first but you’ll thank yourself later.

Life is short and in a society that’s working towards “equality” divorces don’t only cost you money they also cost you a lot of time as well.

How does financial investing and human relationships relate to each other

Treat any woman you love the way you’d treat any investment sure you hope the price for your investment will go up and up for ever but…. There’s also a chance your investment might fall to zero.

Now if your investment falls to zero and you’re still liable to pay mortgage payments on that investment a large percentage of the income you receive NOW and in the future will go to your now EX WIFE or ex live in girlfriend!

The world is changing and if you’re a man reading this accept this change and change with it. I personally know women that refuse to remarry, refuse to work or even refuse to seek employment just because of the alimony check(s) they receive each and every month.

I also know women who make themselves as pretty as possible getting all kinds of surgical work done on their faces and bodies just to attract a rich or wealthy man to marry them, which they hope to divorce a few years later for a big fat future payday! These woman are out there and they know their rights and they know the law!

Don’t be another victim, women talk and most of them know their rights, when they’re in their little female circles women talk, and when they talk they’re very biased and even if the woman you fell in love with was a beautiful soul, in an equal society she’s free to change whenever she wants and she can change or evolve into a self centered individual that wants things her way or no way and if you didn’t get that prenup to start with you’ll be screwed

My point here for men reading this is find the right woman for you, GET A PRENUP! respect yourself and remember again that in a society where men and women are equals women cheat just as much as men do if not more the difference is women don’t brag about the men they cheated on their husbands or boyfriends with the way men do! Why? Because it’s not lady like!