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How to get women to like you in your town or city?

How to get women to like you in your town or city?

If you want women to like you in your town or city you need to learn how to be sociable. This is not something I can teach you to do it’s something you must learn on your own. You have to learn how to make mistakes, you have to learn how to correct your mistakes and you need to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

If you’re a nice guy people should like you and as a nice guy, pleasant and good people should be attracted to you. If you’re not a nice guy chances are you’ll either attract like minded people or you’ll attract people people who don’t mean you any good. It’s important that you learn who you are as a person, figure out who you are and expand on that person, make that person better and socialise with women.

If you’re nervous or shy start socializing with women and people that you’re not attracted to, practice and get comfortable with the process, get comfortable with the process of rejection the great thing about life is the fact that it’s not fair and some people won’t be interested in you. These rejections should give you fuel and it’s this fuel that will should give you the energy to pursue the women you are interested in.

If there’s a language barrier learn the language best you can and do your best to get familiar with the slangs specific to that language.

How to get women to like you?

Socializing with women is process to get you to conceptualise the type of woman you’re looking for. Once you can describe the woman you’re looking for in detail she’ll find her way into your life, and this will actually happen more times than you might think.

This is why socializing and getting used to and addicted to socialising is so important because chances are you’ll mess up a few times, which will help you to prepare for the second, third, fourth and five times etc… Once you become a master socialiser which can happen in a day once you master this the type of woman you’re looking for will inevitably find their way into your lives.

I don’t only recommend socialising with women, socialise with like minded men as well. You’d be surprised who some people know or who some men can introduce you too. Never look at another like minded male as competition because he’s not. It’s really all about you, women want to get to know you and if you spend time concentrating on another man talking a woman you’re interested in she’ll sense it too.

You’re job is to be you and if you constantly find yourself in a position where the men around you are getting all the girls, consider re-evaluating yourself and your approach to people. If you’re satisfied with yourself and confident chances are the woman you’re looking for are just around the corner.

My advice to conclude this post is be as brutally honest with yourself as possible, take a long look in the mirror, take pictures of yourself find what your strengths and weaknesses are and work on your strength’s what ever misfortunes you were born with should be your strengths I have friends that can’t even walk that use it to their advantages when talking to people, I know short guys that use their height has an advantage, I have a friend with 3 fingers and he uses this to his advantage all the time, I have a friend that can’t speak english and he uses this to his advantage.

I don’t recommend taking shortcuts this is the fun part!

If you want women in your city to like you you need to socialize, it’s the only way to learn don’t take any shortcuts, don’t fall for any tricks or techniques, it’s all about trial and error you have one life to live enjoy and don’t live your life for other people. FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS! 

If your goal from now on is to get women to like you JUST DO IT! obsess about it, go after your goal with LEGAL reckless abandonment achieve your goal by every legal means necessary and don’t care what others think. Because like or not for the most part whether you live your life to it’s full potential or not most people won’t remember. Most people spend to much time wondering what people think of them don’t worry about that nonsense.

Don’t even worry about what the woman you’re interested in thinks of you, focus on your goal and go after it. Practice socializing, meet as many people as you can make friends and learn how to make people like you.

How will you know when women like you? When they start calling you and/or returning your text messages, phone calls emails etc. If you’re being ignored completely that’s when you know you may have to improve on yourself or find a new group of friends. This will usually only happen if people don’t believe that you’re being yourself. The thing to remember is nobody expects you to be perfect but they do expect you to be you!

So master being yourself and socialise until you get women to like you in your city!