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Nice guys and debt don’t mix

Part of being a nice guy is being a pleasant person and the way how a person becomes pleasant is by keeping themselves free from unnecessary obligations. Debt is an obligation, there are certain debts in civilized society that we’re forced to take on, these debts include taxes, food and shelter.
There are other debts however that aren’t necessary, these debts include things like mortgages, car loans, personal loans and credit card debts. Nice guys should avoid getting into debt, if a nice guy finds himself in debt he should do what is necessary to get himself out as soon as possible.

Nice guys and debt don’t mix, one man shouldn’t have multiple masters and when you allow yourself to be a slave for another it’s often hard to remain nice. Another thing debt does it makes people ¬†view the power of money differently, it changes the way people spend, the way people save and it eternally sucks the wealth from anyone which ultimately leads to stress.

Example of what debt does is if a person purchases house using a mortgage, inevitably the house will need to get fixed, if the homeowner is mortgage free chances are if the homeowner is smart and working they would have had a lot of money saved somewhere. So if something is wrong with their home it will be easier for them to get it fixed.

On the other hand if someone has a mortgage and their house needs fixing the homeowner will usually have to take equity out of their home to pay for the fixture, the contractor or mortgage agent or banker at this point will encourage the mortgage holder to make the fixtures to increase the value of their home, however the mortgage holder won’t really get to enjoy that increased value because they’d be paying into this value at a loss because loans have interest attached to them.

It’s little things like this that eat away at peoples wealth and ultimate cause people to experience a lot of stress. If a nice guy wants to be stress free and finish first in life, the nice guy should stay out of debt. Car loans, mortgages, any loan should be avoided if possible.