How Nice Guys Finish First Intro was created to help people understand what being a truly nice guy is all about. Let it be known that this blog was started November 20, 2014 and the influence possessed in the words presented in this blog will resonate not only through the internet but also throughout the world. Please remember that when Nice Guys get there good reputations back that it was that started it all. We deserve all the credit for getting the word out about what nice guys are REALLY all about.

There’s a myth that’s been created that Nice Guys are pushovers or nice guys finish last. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, the truth is nice guys make this world a better place, nice guys get all the best women, nice guys make the most money, nice guys are the architects of humanity. Countries, cities, towns, run by the bad boys are run down, people of those places have little to rights, the bad boys are gang members, war mongers, rapists and evil doers, those are the people that finish last, bad boys or bad people might finish first in short term but their long term outlook is often short sighted, bad people usually end up in jail, dead, lost and forgotten.

Nice guys have always finished first and this blog will be a testament to that. This blog may upset some, it will definitely challenge others, this blog will also get to the heart of problems dissecting the way people think, and the way people view the world, may also write reviews, and show advertisements to generate revenue as man people know operating a website is not cheap and we didn’t want to burden our readers by adding a donate button.

If you’re open minded will challenge how you view the world as well as possibly change the way you view nice guys.

Thanks for stopping by let the blogging begin!

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